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Choose Third Eye Kentucky for our unique, personalized psychic guidance that empowers you to navigate life and foster fulfilling relationships with clarity and confidence.

We are a sanctuary of spiritual guidance and psychic understanding led by our resident psychic expert, Doreen. 

Doreen is a gifted psychic, and she offers an array of services focused on fostering personal growth and facilitating spiritual connections. Her proficiency in discerning compatibilities, unveiling personal patterns, providing intuitive guidance in decision-making, and deepening emotional bonds is unparalleled. Our mission is to empower individuals on their unique journeys through life and love. Through Doreen’s intuitive insights and guidance, we aim to help seekers navigate their paths toward emotional well-being and fulfilling relationships.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

Third Eye Kentucky was amazing, so accurate and I left with all my questions answered. Would highly recommend.
Maria H.
I came to see Third Eye Kentucky for healing in a moment in my life where I was feeling lost, scared and fearful. I have had two readings with them so far as well as two healing sessions. Third Eye Kentucky has helped me realise my path in life and also helped remove some blocks. Their readings are extremely accurate and their healing is truly amazing. Whether in person or distant - their healing capabilities are truly astonishing but most importantly they come from the purest source. I still have a journey to go on for my own healing and to be a healer myself but now I am no longer scared and know that I need to go through this journey. I will definitely see them again in future but for now I am so grateful. Thank you so much!
Henry G.
Third Eye Kentucky was brilliant and I highly recommend them. They were warm and friendly and said things that were accurate and had a lot of information. Just being in their presence, I was overcome with emotion.
Marlon M.
I recently had a session with Third Eye Kentucky and it was an amazing experience. Third Eye Kentucky is truly gifted and lovely. I can learn so much from them. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to see them again soon. With regards to the shop, I absolutely loved it. What a wonderful place to visit. Even though I did not buy anything, I am sure I will next time I come. I saw you have lots of books. I want to learn more about crystals and your shop is a good place to start. The world needs more people more places like Third Eye Kentucky. Thank you. 
Ingrid M.
I had a video session today with Third Eye Kentucky. Words cannot express how nice I feel and how grateful I am after my session with them. They are so kind and caring too and they are non-judgemental. They also gave me ways in which I can challenge negative thoughts and make them better. I can't thank you enough Third Eye Kentucky, thank you for helping people the way you do.
Debbie N.
A magical place to visit where you may buy rare to find products. Services offered which I highly recommend are healing and readings from Third Eye Kentucky (distance undoubtedly works). I believe they are a true and powerful healer connected to source in many ways, their authenticity and ability to intuit where you are to enable outcomes for your highest and best will most certainly be a joy and enhancement to your life as it has been to mine. Finally, the customer service brings this rating to a 5/5. Thank you to all the kind humans who make this place special.
Debbie F.
Just wanted to share my Shamanic Healing journey with Third Eye Kentucky. I cannot explain how comfortable and at ease I have felt from my first medium reading to the two Shamanic Healing sessions I’ve had. I’ve had quite a turbulent couple of months with significant life changes and many panic attacks to unfortunately assist. To try to combat this, I tried CBD however I found that it was too distressing for me and not something I was committed to. When I went for a medium reading with Third Eye Kentucky, we touched upon a situation in where Third Eye Kentucky recommended that I’d benefit from Shamanic Healing - so I took the plunge... There’s something about Third Eye Kentucky’s energy that feels instantly calming and relaxing, and they're able to understand how and why I’m feeling in particular circumstances when speaking through the journeys the Shamanic Healing had taken me to. I hadn’t experienced this type of healing before, but I can honestly say how truly amazing it is. After my session this morning, the best way to describe the feeling after is by saying that I just felt at such peace with myself. The session was truly wonderful. I thank them so much for taking care of me, and I couldn’t recommend them more!
Alexandria R.
I came across Third Eye Kentucky randomly on Yelp. After having a few vague readings recently I decided to have faith after reading all positive reviews. I booked and was given 2 slots so I felt like the Universe was saying it's meant to be. I had a telephone reading with Third Eye Kentucky. They were warm, very friendly and a good listener. I felt like I was there present with them as I took a few deep breaths to connect. Throughout, it was like they'd known me for years with their psychic abilities. They told me about my thoughts, my character and things about me no one could on a first chat and that too virtually. They have given me answers which I have been seeking for such a long time, clarity and guidance for which I'm so grateful. They've taken a burden off my mind. For once it was $195 well spent and I can't thank them enough from the bottom of my heart and I hope to visit the shop when feasible. Love n Light.
Zelda W.
I have Covid19 and am self-isolating. I asked Third Eye Kentucky for Distant Healing, I believe that Energy exists beyond time or distance. The following day I felt different and have improved day by day physically and emotionally and feel like myself again! Thank you Third Eye Kentucky for your loving, healing energy! With gratitude.
Laurie W.
Third Eye Kentucky is very kind and insightful. Had a really wonderful reading with them, I highly recommend.
Daphne C.
I had a healing with Third Eye Kentucky today and it was one of the best most healing sessions I have ever had. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Maria V.
I just need to say thank you to Third Eye Kentucky  for my reading today, it was amazing, never had such a spiritual experience like it. I was talking to my Heather who passed away a few months ago. It has given me courage to go on. Thank you so much.
Anouk E.
I needed a reading as I am going some through some big life changing situations at the moment. I have been very anxious and have wondered whether I was making the right decisions. I barely told Third Eye Kentucky anything about myself or my situation but they were 100% spot on in their reading. They told me things I have either always felt or believed and which I am going through. They gave me very clear messages and guidance. It was as though they had peeked into my innermost consciousness and brought forth everything that was in there which itself was so comforting. The reading has given me a lot of peace and comfort. Thank you, Third Eye Kentucky. I appreciate and am grateful for your abilities.
Barbara F.
Third Eye Kentucky was incredibly perceptive and accurate during the reading. I came away from the reading feeling far more relaxed and confident about a work-related situation. They were kind and very helpful. They were very accurate about numerous things which was incredible. Thank you Third Eye Kentucky.
Clark K.

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