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Psychic Readings

Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery and Enlightenment

If you’re seeking spiritual expansion and transformation or going through a spiritual awakening, Doreen can help. She offers a range of metaphysical services designed to support you along your journey, including tarot and palm readings, astrology consultations, spiritual life coaching, and more. With her guidance, you can uncover valuable insights and tap into your inner wisdom. Whether you’re looking for direction to navigate life’s challenges or want to unlock your full potential, Doreen provides compassionate and intuitive support to help you achieve deeper levels of spiritual growth. Here are some common topics that clients seek guidance on:

  • Astrological insights and horoscope interpretation
  • Discovering and working with spirit guides
  • Manifestation and law of attraction techniques
  • Overcoming spiritual blocks and challenges
  • Banishing spells and hex removal services.

Tarot Readings

For insights into queries about love, career, and other life aspects


Discern significant life events and key personality traits


Acquire meaningful insights by interpreting the alignments of celestial bodies

Dream Analysis

Acquire meaningful insights by interpreting the alignments of celestial bodies

Traverse your path of self-discovery and unfold the enigmatic aspects of your life and future with Psychic Readings from Doreen. Utilizing clairvoyant abilities, she delves into your inner thought processes, desires, difficulties, and questions about your future. Her readings provide not only enlightenment but also guidance to navigate the challenges life presents, giving you a clearer perception and a powerful sense of control over your destiny.

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Healings & Cleansing

Revitalize yourself with an array of holistic healing and spiritual cleansing sessions

Need help finding inner peace and balance in your life? Doreen specializes in holistic healing and is here to support you on your healing journey. Through practices such as Reiki energy healing, crystal healing, and aura cleansing, she helps her clients release energetic blockages, promote emotional well-being, and restore harmony within themselves. Her intuitive life counseling sessions incorporate these holistic healing modalities, allowing you to experience a deeper sense of peace, healing, and personal transformation. Typical topics clients seek healing for include:

  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Emotional healing and trauma recovery
  • Energy clearing and chakra balancing
  • Self-care and self-love practices
  • Healing past wounds and limiting beliefs


Induce relaxation, reduce stress, and promote healing through life force energy

Chakra Balancing

Maintain equilibrium and harmony in your physical and metaphysical beings

Crystal Therapy

Tap into the healing power of specific crystals to balance and soothe the energy within and around you

Aura Cleansings

Cleanse your aura of negative energies to elevate your personal vibrations and usher in positivity
Our Healing and Cleansing services offer you a chance to tap into the serene and profound healing power of the universe. We utilize a variety of energy cleansing and rebalancing methodologies including Reiki, chakra balancing, crystal therapy, and aura cleansing. These holistic healing techniques aim to restore your inner harmony and serenity, encourage positive energy flow, eliminate blockages, and facilitate an overall sense of wellness. Experience rejuvenation, peace, and balance as we aid you in your journey toward complete healing.
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Cross the Barrier Separating our World from the Realm Beyond

Doreen has a unique ability to connect with the spirit realm as an intuitive medium. If you’re seeking comfort, closure, or guidance from loved ones who have passed on, Doreen is here to help. Through her connection with the spirit realm, she offers intuitive mediumship sessions that provide healing and solace for individuals navigating the grieving process. Whether you’re looking to receive messages from deceased loved ones or connect with spirit guides, Doreen’s intuitive mediumship sessions can support you on your journey. Typical topics clients seek guidance on include:

  • Communicating with deceased loved ones
  • Seeking closure and healing after loss
  • Connecting with spirit guides and angels
  • Understanding signs and synchronicities from the spirit realm

Spirit Guide Recognition

Identify and develop a relationship with your personal spiritual guides, receiving their teachings and guidance

Connecting with Departed Souls

Communicate with loved ones who have transitioned to the spirit world

Our Mediumship services provide a sacred connection between you and the spiritual realm, breaking the boundaries that separate our world from beyond. These meaningful sessions offer comfort and guidance from spiritual guides and souls of loved ones who have passed away. Through our mediumship, we aim to provide solace, closure, guidance, and reassurance by delivering messages of love, wisdom, and often, closure you may need to heal and move forward.

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Horse Whispering

Experience the innate wisdom, sensitivity, and healing potential of horses

In addition to her work with humans, Doreen is also a horse whisperer and holistic healer who provides healing services for horses. Her approach to horse healing combines intuitive techniques with holistic therapies that address the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of healing. By intuitively understanding the needs of each horse she works with, Doreen identifies areas of imbalance and illness. She then uses a variety of holistic modalities, such as Reiki, crystal therapy, and chakra balancing, to restore harmony and promote optimal health in the horses she cares for. Typical topics clients seek healing for their horses include:

  • Physical health issues and ailments in horses
  • Behavioral and emotional imbalances in horses
  • Trauma and abuse recovery for horses
  • Supporting horses with anxiety and stress
  • Promoting overall well-being and vitality in horses

Horse Healing

Transformative journey detecting signs of discomfort or distress in a horse and aid in their healing process

Intuitive Communication

Develop an intuitive bond that allows a profound understanding of the horse's needs and emotions

Improve Horse's Wellbeing

Non-verbal communication, comfort techniques, and energy work to improve the overall wellbeing
Horse whispering isn’t just beneficial for the horse but can also provide a deeply emotional and therapeutic experience for individuals connecting with these majestic creatures. With Doreen, transform the way you understand and connect with horses, making it a memorable and educational experience.
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Love & Relationships

Navigating Unique Love Journeys and Unfolding Deep Connections

Doreen understands that love and relationships are important aspects of our lives. Whether you’re looking for guidance on finding your soulmate, navigating a challenging relationship, break-ups, divorces, spiritual and energetic concerns, or simply improving your communication skills, Doreen can provide intuitive life counseling services to support you. With her empathetic and intuitive abilities, she can provide insights and guidance. Typical topics clients seek psychic life counseling for include:

  • Attracting and manifesting love
  • Healing from past relationship wounds
  • Improving communication and connection
  • Navigating challenges and conflicts in relationships
  • Finding clarity and guidance in matters of the heart

Identifying Compatibilities

insights into partners' compatibility, uncovering mutual strengths, desires, and needs for an enhanced relationship.

Reveal Patterns

Identify and break negative cycles to foster a healthier dynamic and enable growth between partners.

Decision Making Clarity

Intuitive guidance during periods of uncertainty, helping make well-informed choices for your future.

Deepen Emotional Connection

Methods to improve communication, cement emotional bonds, and elevate intimacy for a thriving partnership.
Doreen’s psychic proficiency in deciphering compatibilities, unveiling negative patterns, providing guidance in decision-making, and augmenting emotional bonds serves as a significant asset in nurturing lasting relationships. As you, the seeker, navigate your unique path of love and connection, Doreen empowers you with wisdom and insights, assisting you in making mindful, fulfilling decisions for your emotional well-being, and in fostering the prosperity of your relationships.
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